Madara x Naruto | Chapter 673 

Hinata’s far removed from his true potential, but he has rare speed and reflexes and his jump… He didn’t get the chance to play with a setter in junior high, and Kageyama is seeking for a fast spiker who can hit his tosses. Those guys are imperfect on their own, but put their abilities together… if we can utilize that combination… Karasuno will make explosive improvement!" -haikyuu!! ep.2

K: Missing Kings : Scenery
Ghibli + houses
He’s managed to solve every case he’s ever taken on.
And he’s tackled some of the greatest mysteries this world has ever known.
He hides in the shadows, but he is the best of the best.
Our last resort, our trump card.
Hirunaka no Ryuusei - Main Character Coloring: [1/?] 
"Are you scared of monsters?" 
"indeed there are a lot of monsters that scare me. But the ones I'm scared the most are living monsters.They eat even if they don't feel hunger, they study even though they have no interest in school, They seek friendship and love even if they have no understanding of the human heart.  If I were to encounter such a monster I'd probably be eaten by it.  Because in truth I am that monster. 
Only the chosen can enter the Zone. At first I thought he might be able to, but I was wrong. I'll admit he's good. He’s very close to the five of us.
But he’s no prodigy. He’s good, but he’s only the best an ordinary man can be.
No matter how close he gets, he’ll never come to this side.