Shizume week! Day 3: Dorks in love.

I don´t love my followers because they follow me



 I love them because:

  • a “like” in a post that took me time makes my day
  • a *hugs* when I’m sad can make all the difference
  • the effort to go on my ask box and talk to me makes me feel like I’m worth of something
  • And because when you reblog something and fangirl with me I don´t feel so alone

So thank you for following me

I love you all.

❝No matter what situation a shinobi must keep emotions on the inside… you must make the mission your top priority, and you must possess a heart that never shows tears.❞


Omg, my crappy blog has 1k followers. My blog is like 90% queued, and I really don’t talk much to anyone (I’m super busy), but hey…I’m still so happy *throws up a rainbow* Firstly, thank you so much to my followers, love you all!*.* (and I release all who wish to unfollow me, kay? This is a free world and I won’t be mad! You’ll always welcome to my blog ^.^ ) And ofc, I just have to say that my blog wouldn’t be so colorful if I didn’t follow these amazing bloggers who fill my dash with pretty amazing things that inspire me and make me reblog like crazy their edits/graphics or like/comment their ramblings. Finally, I have to say that my dash is a Funtastic rainbow thanks to these people:

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sorry if I mispelled someone… or if I forgot someone.

awww thank you so much for including me!!

Haru, Makoto and Kisumi on middle school

"And it’s hard to hate someone once you understand them."
--Lucy Christopher, Stolen: A Letter to My Captor (via larmoyante)

I still want things to work out between us if they can.I mean, changing shampoo just so he will like it.That was petty of me to do without telling Yuuri how I feel.

I will become as strong as Izumi Nee-san. Making a perfect cage. I will protect you.

- Then, just so you know. If you ever possess such tremendous power, please kill me. I’ve had enough. Being an undead.
- I got it. It’s a deal. But I don’t have that power yet. Let’s call a truce before then.